My husband and I worked with Rose to sell our home and upgrade into another home. From our very first meeting with Rose until weeks after both transactions were complete, she was always on top of everything and managed everything and everything that had to to do with the sale and purchase of our homes.

Rose knows her business and she knows people. We had a particularly complex transaction, because we were selling our existing home on the condition we found another home that would cause us to want to move. Once we found the home my husband and I wanted, she worked so hard to get our offer accepted at the offered amount and with our condition. AND SHE DID! Our offer wasn't the highest, but she knows what she's doing and presented us as the best offer.

So, then Rose got our house sold in a week at the highest possible price, coordinated with both the selling agent and buying agent, had to manage our lender - because of course we switched lenders for a better rate within 3 weeks of close of escrow.. and she did ALL THIS with the utmost grace and professionalism every single day. All three transactions had to close escrow within a day of each other. The level of detail and precision to make this happen on time cannot be overemphasized. And her ability to effectively manage a difficult personality (buying agent), just makes Rose that much more impressive.

In the end, my husband and I wound up in the best possible situation for both the sale of our home and purchase of our new house. And Rose - she made our experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Rose is not only a fantastic Realtor. She's a phenomenal person and we thank her very much for all her hard workless.

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Hello my name is Wil, I am a business owner and was looking for a particular home to buy that would meet my needs. When I contacted my Realtor Rose Magana and told her I was ready to buy my "Dream Home" she set me up immediately with the MLS custom searches.

I started looking and considering some of the home she e-mailed me. However I found this particular home that I had to have. I called Rose and told her I wanted this home ONLY!

Rose did everything in her power to negotiate and get our offer accepted. Once our offer was accepted we ran into lots of issue with the selling side. Rose handled the purchase very professional and never gave up regardless of the tough issues we ran into.

I now live in my "Dream Home" with the most beautiful View from my Master Bedroom.

I am very Satisfied and Happy Client.

I was referred to Rose Magana by a friend and I am very thankful for it. I am a divorcee and I was put in a very difficult situation in my ife with a house that I could not afford alone. Because of my situation, I felt that had no choice but to just give up and foreclose on the home. My friend thought Rose Magana might be able to help. she told me to talk to Rose and tell her my situation and find out my options. After talking to Rose, she gave me hope and started the process in selling my home. After countless days of my house being in the market I was losing hope. But Rose never did. She told me to keep thinking open houses. Amazingly she made it happen and sold my home for a great price. I was so happy. Rose is one of a kind. So persistent in the things that she does and she overcomes any obstacles that come her way. If you need to sell your home, Rose Magana is the one.

Not only did Rose Magana help me sell my home when things were at my worst in life, a few years later she helped me find my dream home at an amazing price. I cannot thank her enough and I would never be in this great situation if she didn't work her magic previously. Hard work and persistence is what I've come to expect from Rose Magna and she never fails to amaze me. Thank you so much Rose!

Happy Customer